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Novatec Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

In our cyber security courses, you will learn about the dangers of the Internet in a sustainable and practical way and know how to deal with threats adequately. The interactive online courses guarantee a high learning effect and a basic knowledge.

Certifications for companies and individuals

Participants learn how to redefine and design work processes and actions from the point of view of security and data protection. Through obtained behaviors, they protect themselves, their personal environment, their own company, partner companies and customers in the best possible way in order to avoid reputational damage, financial loss and a lot of trouble in general. As a certificate for professional development, the Novatec Cyber Security Certificate will help you in your career and when looking for a job.

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Online Cyber Security Training

Our Cyber Security trainings are a pure e-learning arrangement. Order an access voucher in the Store and you will then receive the vouchers by e-mail. With one voucher, you can attend the online courses for the duration of one month. After successfully completing the mandatory e-learning courses within one month, you will receive your personal Novatec Cyber-Security Certificate (NCSCERT).

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What our customers say

Entry into IT Security Entry into IT Security

Would recommend the course as an introduction to information security.

This makes learning fun! This makes learning fun!

Entertaining, interesting course that imparts knowledge in a casual way. This makes learning fun!

Much more interesting! Much more interesting!

Completely different than before. With the graphical interface it is much more interesting to stay tuned.

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