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Online course Safe conduct at customer meetings

Interactive E-Learning Courses in Cyber Security: Preparation and Handling of IT Devices for External Use

1. Introduction

In the digital era, cybersecurity and data protection play a crucial role, especially when conducting business meetings with clients and partners outside your office. With our interactive e-learning courses in cyber security, you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate safely in the digital world.

2. On the Way to the Client

Security check before departure: Make sure that all devices you take with you are updated with the latest security updates and virus definitions. Our courses offer tips for preparation. Public networks: Avoid using open Wi-Fi networks. Learn how to set up a secure hotspot with your smartphone and when it is safe to use a VPN service.

3. In the Meeting Room

Physical security: It is not enough to consider only digital threats. Learn how to keep your devices physically secure when you have to leave them unattended for a short time. Secure connection: Before connecting to an unknown network, you should check its security. Our courses provide guidelines to do this efficiently.

4. Presentation

Protection of sensitive data: When showing presentations, make sure that no confidential information is inadvertently visible. Our e-learning content teaches you how to correctly adjust your screen displays and ensure that only the necessary information is visible. External devices: Be cautious when connecting external devices, such as USB sticks. Our courses show how to check and use these safely.

5. After the Meeting

Data transfer: Make sure that all data you have received during the meeting is transferred securely. We show you safe transfer methods and how to encrypt data. Device check: Before returning to your office, do not forget to take all materials and devices with you.


In the business world, it is essential to maintain the highest security standards when handling IT devices on trips and at external appointments. With our interactive e-learning courses, you are well prepared to ensure your digital security in any situation. Sign up now and invest in your cybersecurity!

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Content online course Safe conduct at customer meetings

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