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Online course Phishing, Spear-Phishing und Ransomware

In cases of “Phishing”, attackers try to gain access to sensitive information or install malicious software via various channels of communication (e-mail, phone, text message). The criminals pretend to be trustworthy individuals or companies and – if they are successful – may cause considerable harm to your company. In this staff training, your employees will get to know different kinds of attacks, such as spear phishing, whaling, vishing, smishing or blackmail via e-mail, in the course of an interactive story. They will learn not only how to recognize attacks but also how to counter them. In this way, this web-based training can increase your company’s IT security and contribute to protecting sensitive company-internal data.

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Content online course Phishing, Spear-Phishing und Ransomware

Attacks via e-mail (Phishing) | What is phishing and what is the purpose of the attackers? | Who is the target? | Types of phishing | Spear phishing | Whaling | Dynamite phishing | CEO scam | How to detect phishing and how to behave? | Ransomware | Blackmailing by e-mail | Attacks by phone (vishing) | Attacks by SMS or messenger service (smishing) | Checklists | Identification features of phishing e-mails | Correct handling of e-mails Behaviour in Ransomware and E-Mail Blackmail | Dealing with Vishing and Smishing | Quiz

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